Why your company needs a website

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Why Your Company Needs a Website Online visibility has become an essential component in your company‚Äôs marketing strategy. There are a number of platforms out there that companies can use to leverage more leads from the internet. So the question is: Why does your company need to have a website over other existing channels that […]

The Importance of Website Maintenance

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Keeping your website updated is good for Google! With the majority of business being done through the internet and various software, having your systems updated and protected is essential. Last year, a hacker used a vulnerability in a Theme to infiltrate a huge number of WordPress Websites. This resulted in many websites getting flagged as […]

Do I need a blog on my website?

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Why do I need a Blog on my website? A blog has the ability to do a number of things for you Firstly, it establishes your credentials as someone who is knowledgeable in their field; this in turn improves consumer confidence. Secondly and way more importantly, a blog is a way to regularly keep your […]

Which Social Media channel is right for you

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Which Social Media platform is right for your business? First of all we need you to know what a Social Media platform is. The simple answer is this, a Social Media platform is a website that actually does not really have its own content but rather allows users to create profiles and pages and then […]