Why Your Company Needs a Website

Online visibility has become an essential component in your company’s marketing strategy. There are a number of platforms out there that companies can use to leverage more leads from the internet. So the question is: Why does your company need to have a website over other existing channels that can help in online marketing.

A website can be a complicated issue. However, it is one of the simplest forms of automation that you can adopt in your company.

So how can having a website help your company?

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Improving Brand Credibility

A website shows that your company is professional. Potential customers tend to take a company that has a website seriously. They form a perception that the company has a solid foundation and can deliver according to their expectations.


Customers require a company that they can access at any time. A website allows your company to be present 24/7 to its customers. With this in mind, your customers can interact with your company when you are not at work. They can contact your company, place orders, or view your products without any delay. A website is a like a brochure that anyone can access at any time, but without the ongoing print and distribution costs.

Strong Customer Relationships

Given the increased customer interaction that a website offers to your company, you get a chance to build cordial relationships with your customers. A website helps you answer any customer inquiry, get feedback, and reach out to your customers. Thus, you end up having loyal customers that feel satisfied when dealing with your company.

Showcasing Your Products

Gone are the days when customers used to make a physical visit to a store to view a product or inquire about a service. We live in an instant era where people chat about a product and mid-conversation are on their phones researching that same product. If you are not on line, you are not relevant. A website helps your company to present your products and expertise in the best way possible. It allows you to use pictures and videos to sell your products and services to potential customers.

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Increased Brand Visibility

Millions of people access the internet every day. When you have a website, your company becomes visible to all. Having a website means you now stand a chance to attract potential customers that do not know you physically. In other words, a website helps you to reach more people with less effort. 


Our design process allows you to start with the very basics and gradually increase the number of features or components. Thus, you get to build up the functionality and scope of your website over time.

Competitive Advantage

In this technological era, most companies have a website. With this fact in mind, you need to realize that your company can fail to beat the competition simply because you don’t yet have a web presence. For this reason, having a website has become a standard business requirement.

Increased Customer Service

Sometimes, potential customers call to inquire about the basic features and functionalities of a product or service. To save time, having a website provides the customers with crucial information that they could have called to inquire about. As a result, you end up having satisfied and happy customers that can make an informed decision to make a purchase.

The Bottom Line

Having a website for your company is of key importance to the success of your business. The benefits of having one far outweigh any reasons not to. In this era of digital marketing and social media, your company’s website needs to be the hub of your digital marketing strategies.

But, where do you start?

We like to say that creating a website equates to building something out of Lego Blocks. You can build anything you like, from silly monsters, a steam train to an architectural masterpiece. Notably, the end result of the blocks is a structure that identifies your company, its unique style, and service offerings. 

The advantage of creating sites the way we do is that you can start small and make steady progress by adding one block after another. In the end, you will have your perfect website! 

At Howl at the Moon, we are perfectly suited to host and design the right website for your business. 

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