Keeping your website updated is good for Google!

With the majority of business being done through the internet and various software, having your systems updated and protected is essential.

Last year, a hacker used a vulnerability in a Theme to infiltrate a huge number of WordPress Websites. This resulted in many websites getting flagged as unsafe on Google and made multiple websites’ google ranking decrease, as well as their SEO efforts. This vulnerability would have been easily nullified if the website’s software was kept up to date!

Protecting your website could help you avoid catastrophe at any second. With cyber security becoming more and more important, now is the time to invest in that peace of mind.

Hackers love unprotected websites! Could your website be next? Find out more below to avoid being the next victim of hackers and malware.

A hacker working on the keyboard of a laptop

What is Malware?

Understanding malware is easy: it’s basically any software that is created with the intention of causing damage to other software, computers, or servers, or to steal data, such as passwords, bank details, and client information.

Because any software could potentially be malware, it’s important to note that software is only malware if the intention is to use it to cause damage.

Malware can appear in many various forms, such as worms, Trojan horses, Keystroke loggers, or viruses.


This type of malware reproduces itself and spreads from computer to computer. Having cyber security in place to protect yourself from this can keep an enormous amount of damage from happening.

Trojan horses

Just like the age-old story, the Trojan malware appears as something completely different, like a download, and tricks the user into activating it. This type of malware cannot reproduce itself.

Keystroke loggers

A type of software that records your keystrokes allowing the hacker to retrieve your usernames and passwords


A virus is a type of code that encrypts itself into another code and spreads only when that computer code is activated. It spreads itself by changing the intention of the original program into malicious action.

Why Should You Keep Abreast With Updates?

Keeping your website software up to date is vital as hackers are continually evolving ways to exploit your website. Updates contain patches that close security vulnerabilities and failure to do so will leave you open to attack. Good Cyber security is the primary protection of your computer or software from information theft from hackers, malware, or misdirection of programs during use.

Think of it like this: keeping your software up to date is part of your job. You wouldn’t leave your office without locking the doors and turning off the lights––so, why would you leave your software unprotected and out of date?

Google ranking is also a factor in keeping your software updated. When you post something to the internet, the amount of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you use can allow you to be one of the first links to show up on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) list.

As mentioned before, malware can attack even the largest of platforms for websites, so thinking you are above the ability to be hacked is entirely wrong.


A hooded hacker with his face obscured by website code

Benefits of an Up-to-Date Website!

Different software updates bring various benefits.

Google Ranking

A high Google ranking means more traffic for your website and, ultimately, your company, services, and products.

SEO within your posts and pages on your website provide the basis to be seen higher on Google. When you put the effort in, you will see results when it comes to the writing on your website.

The Google software platform knows all about the currently available updates and can read all of your web software versions – an out-of-date website is automatically dropped in Google search rank.


When your software is out of date, it reduces the odds of your website working efficiently and being able to work well with the viewer’s browser.

When all of your code is up to date, you should always look at what the update can provide for you. While waiting to update is not always bad, it is vital to keep up to date to ensure that all programs are up and running well.
Fixing Bugs and Crashes
When you update your software, it isn’t done just for fun. Each update is made to fix any bugs or crashes that occurred in the preceding update.

Updating your software prepares the website to work better and more efficiently. It also creates more blocks from hackers and malware.

Adding a Firewall

A firewall is a cyber security software system that is programmed to monitor any code that is incoming or outgoing from your system. It is based upon different security rules and regulations put into place by the user.

While firewalls can be completely programmed by the user from scratch, you can also find firewalls that are premade in order to create an effortless experience for you as the user.

Some of the firewalls we can install on your website have free versions that are very good. But if you want the best level of Firewall a software subscription will be necessary.

What Can You Do?

We offer our clients two options:

The first is we can save you money and do nothing, and then fix any issues as they arise, this is entirely your choice. That being said clients that did this after last year’s attack dropped massively in Google rank and the fix was quite costly!

The second option is to add a cheap and effective monthly update and maintenance contract to your hosting. We install and track a free entry-level firewall program, We check your site software twice a month and keep it up to date at all times. This gives you instant peace of mind and keeps your site on track with Google and other search engines.

Contact us to find a solution that suits you best!