Why do I need a Blog on my website?

A blog has the ability to do a number of things for you

Firstly, it establishes your credentials as someone who is knowledgeable in their field; this in turn improves consumer confidence.

Secondly and way more importantly, a blog is a way to regularly keep your website fresh and updated. Now you may think that is really not that important, but it is more important than just about anything else!

Google has a program called a web crawler that basically reads every website in the world every few months. When it reads your website it stores every little piece of information about you (called indexing), then it gives you a rank (this determines where you land up in the searches).

If your website is exactly the same as it was the last time Google crawled it then you do NOT go up in rank, in fact just the opposite, you go down.

Enter the blog! A simple and effective way to keep your website constantly evolving ….

a woman blogging on her laptop

And wait … there is more ….

The Google crawler likes to follow links, and it like to follow links from websites that it thinks are important.  So if you have a link from a website that Google thinks is important you get an extra brownie point to your rank …..

Google also looks at website traffic – does your website have a lot of traffic or is it being ignored? The more traffic you have … the higher your point ranking …

Can you see a pattern emerging?

Back to your blog … When you have a blog you need to have a new article each month, when we post a new article for you, we link it up to your Facebook page. People who like your page see the post, click the link and land up on your website ….

What we have here is a link to your website from a very important web page (Facebook) added to that link we have generated traffic …

This means each month with each blog you slowly start to crawl higher and higher in the eyes of Google.

We can also use your blog for your own custom articles and it’s a great way to make your Facebook competitions work towards you website SEO

Drop us a mail or a WhatsApp and let’s chat about how we can set up a blog for you!